Cold Brew Filter Packs

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Cold  Brew made easy!

❌ No mess

❌No coffee measuring

❌ No straining 


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  • Insert all 4 pouches in a 1 gallon sealable container.
  • Add 96 oz.-128 oz. of water (depends on strength preference)
  • Put the sealable container into the refrigerator
  • It is recommended that you taste the flavor of the refrigerated coffee at 12 hours and/or 18 hours, to test the strength. Cold brewing time can up to 24 hrs.
  • Remove bags and it is ready to serve.



Island Breeze has the taste of kahlua, caramel, and vanilla. This coffee is delicious to the last drop.

Jazzy Java has a pleasing combination of rum, pecan and cinnamon. This medium bodied coffee is perfectly flavored.

Creme Brulee is an amazing dessert and it has the same great taste as a coffee.

Brazilian Espresso is a smooth and low-acid coffee and beans are grown by the remarkable Daterra Coffee farm.

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble You take a sip and the fresh blueberry pie taste coupled with a warm cinnamon background takes you back to grandma's kitchen. Yummy!!!!!

Peach Bourbon is sooo bold. It has the ripe & sweet peach flavor with the woody notes of bourbon. Both flavors compliment each other well, it is medium roasted so you can fully taste the flavor notes.

Chocolate Peanut Butter has the melt in your mouth chocolate with the creamy flavor of peanut butter. You have all of the deliciousness of your favorite candy bar or cookie but none of the guilt.